Once upon a time, nearly 20 years ago, a law graduate by the name of Tanya Toledano found herself uninspired by her relationship with the study of law, and as such, unable to commit to a lifelong partnership.

Longing to reignite the passion she found in her undergrad years while completing her B.Comm, she pursued a career in marketing.

Tanya soon found herself responsible for the marketing efforts behind major retail and restaurant chains. In 2001, she chose to branch out into her own consulting practice working on brand marketing initiatives for entrepreneurs just starting out, as well as for international brands such as Starbucks and P.F. Chang’s Canada.

In her spare time, Tanya developed montrealmom.com, a major website & blog that saw much success in the social media sphere. Her consulting practice expanded to include social media marketing, she began giving social media workshops to entrepreneurs & became a sought-after speaker on the topic.

Today, Tanya works both as a consultant and as a blogger with a number of major brands as well as with a variety of startups. She is called upon as a mentor, advisor and idea generator. Her greatest passion is to empower and support entrepreneurs as they follow their dreams.

It was time for Tanya’s practice to have a brand of its own, too.

And so, in February of 2014, TRACK-B Communications was born.